Facebook is Helping Me Leave Them

In 2017 D-list comedienne and avowed liberal Kathy Griffin published a photo of her holding a mask which appeared to be the bloodied, severed head of the new President Donald Trump. It was a disgusting thing to do by anybody’s standards. 

I have been active on the Facebook pages of a few Indianapolis news stations, and comment on their stories. There is a progressive woman named Diana who also posts from time to time.  We have had some good discussions and usually respect each other’s positions with some good-natured back and forth at times.  One thing I don’t like is that for at least the past year she has had as her profile picture the picture of Kathy Griffin that I referenced above. 

In December I saw someone created an alternative version of the photo where they superimposed a picture of Joe Biden’s head over the Trump mask with the caption, “This is Still Funny, Right?”  This second picture points out the inherent problem with the first picture: people happy with the idea of a decapitated Trump would not be happy with the idea of a decapitated Biden, and hopefully they would see that the original photo was disgusting and should not have been published. 

A week before Christmas, Diana replied to a comment of mine, and I saw that her profile picture was unchanged, it was still the decapitated Trump head.  I hit “reply” on her comment and posted the photo, with the comment, “Oh hey there, I see you haven’t changed your profile pic. Time to change it in 24 days. Might I suggest this one?”

An hour later the comment was deleted and I was sent a notification by FB that someone had reported the comment and they agreed that it went against their “community standards.”  I appealed this, because if the photo I posted went against their standards, then surely Diana’s profile picture would also go against their standards.   They disagreed.  On January 15th (yesterday) I was notified that because of this my Facebook profile has been restricted and I am not able to create groups or events. 

But then I tried to comment on someone’s post and Facebook wouldn’t let me.  So I tried commenting in a private group I belong to.  Still nothing.  I have been intending to leave Facebook this year, but their hypocritical policy may cause me to do so even sooner.  

And it is that hypocrisy which is the reason for this post.  There’s no question that both photos are equally objectionable, and yet Facebook, with their known progressive bias, has determined that a photo promoting violence against President Trump is perfectly fine, but a photo promoting violence against President-elect Biden is offensive and punishable.

For my part, I have enjoyed being on Facebook because of the connections that I have forged with my friends and family, as well as the debate and discourse with strangers of all walks of life.  But for the past several years Facebook has been getting more and more progressive and I believe that with the upcoming Democrat control of the House, Senate, and White House, perhaps Zuck and his cronies feel emboldened to start restricting or outright banning Conservatives on their platform. 

Is this their right? Yes. 

Is it right? No.

About Steve Picray

I am the current pastor of the Rapids Street Baptist Church in Adel, Iowa. Every day I commit my life to Jesus Christ. I am also a registered nurse working to support my ministry and my wife and three kids. I am a conservative Baptist. This blog is my view on life. My prayer is that, by reading what I write, you will learn more about me, more about God, and be assisted in becoming the person God means for you to be. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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2 Responses to Facebook is Helping Me Leave Them

  1. Brian Dunham says:

    Your picture got me a y day ban on Fakebook. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin’s original picture with Trump’s head is still up on HER Fakebook page. Zuckerberg is a lying twat.

  2. Alcyone says:

    Posting the Trump picture is OK. Posting the Biden picture will get you a 30 day ban.because FB doesn’t give a damn about free exchange of ideas, all they care about is shutting down anyone who would criticize any dimokkkrat.

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