Japan. Korea. China. Turkey. Heaven.

What do those places have in common?

  • They are all real locations that can be traveled to.
  • They are all places I have never been.
  • They are all places inhabited with people that I love.

When talking to the unsaved who have had loved ones die, I sometimes get the impression that, even if they believe the deceased went to heaven, they still act like the person is gone forever. They immediately begin speaking of him or her in the past tense, as if they don’t exist. I am currently reading Divergent, and a line struck me. Someone in the book died, and the main character thinks to herself,

“He is (spolier description of character). No, was. That is death–shifting from ‘is’ to ‘was.’”

I disagree. Heaven IS a real place. Hell IS a real place too. Every single human being that has ever died is in one of these two places right now. They exist. My Uncle Danny and my Uncle David still exist. My Grandpa Don still exists. These people are not gone forever. Since all three were trusting in Christ alone for forgiveness of their sins, they are in heaven. Every adult that hasn’t done that is in Hell (the kids are up for debate as to when they “get a pass” and when they are held accountable).

That is why I determined some time ago to stop talking about dead people as if they don’t exist anymore. Sure, I will use the past tense when I say things like, “My grandpa was a really cool guy, especially when he took us kids fishing.” Because he was. Now that I am an adult, I know how much fun it is to take a few kids under 8 years old fishing.

It’s not.

But he did that. And so I say he IS a great guy, and I can’t wait until my departure date arrives so that I can travel to where he is and get to know him better. I can’t wait until I get to meet all the believers who have traveled to Heaven before me. I can’t wait until I get to meet my Lord and Savior Jesus, my Messiah.

My Uncles and My Grandpa: waiting for the rest of us who know Christ.

My Uncles and My Grandpa: waiting for the rest of us who know Christ.

Sunday we celebrate Resurrection Day. Today is Good Thursday (I know, but I disagree). 2000 years ago this week God the Son paid the just penalty for MY sin, and for your sin. And if you trust in Him, you too will go to Heaven after your life here on earth is over.

So I challenge you, stop using the terminology of the lost. I heard a believing friend say, “I lost my mom last year.” Every time I hear my Christian friends say something like that, I want to ask, “Where have you looked?” I haven’t lost any of my loved ones that went to heaven. I know right where they are.

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We Need a New Statue

I have said for years that we have too much emphasis on personal freedom in this country and not enough emphasis on personal responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy. Responsibility without freedom is tyranny. When both are in balance, we have a good society.

We have a Statue of Liberty on the east coast. I’m thinking we need a Statue of Responsibility on the West coast. We could even put it on Alcatraz Island. I think that would be appropriate.

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Now I remember why I left.

Comcast came and installed our new cable TV service on Thursday. On Friday it glitched, but started working again. On Saturday it started doing this thing where every time we turn on the TV the audio works but the video doesn’t (it’s just a blue screen) until we unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in. I called Comcast and they said that after everything I told them (the HDMI cable isn’t the problem because it does this with different cables, the TV isn’t the problem because it does this no matter what port, and no other device does this), they’ll send someone out Thursday.


You’d think that, upon finding out that a brand new customer is having a problem with their service that is less than 48 hours old, you would want to make sure that their problem was fixed right away.    But that’s not how Comcast works.

So tonight we are watching TV.  We select one of the shows that we have recorded, but it doesn’t let us fast forward.  Every time we try to fast forward through the commercials, it restarts the program at the beginning.

I am this close to canceling the service and going back to Direct TV, even if it costs $40 more per month.   I guess it’s true what they say, “You get what you pay for.”  And now I know why Direct TV wasn’t trying hard to keep me:  there’s no competition.


EDIT:  Aaaaand now it is cutting the end off of shows.  This one show we were watching is an hour long, and we could only watch the first 35 minutes before it inexplicably shut off.  Frustrating.

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I was near a television the other day, but I wasn’t watching it. I overheard a commercial that referenced Obamacare. I think it was some insurance company trying to get people to sign up on their exchange. I wasn’t really listening, until I heard this quote. It struck me as indicative of the problem in this country, so I wrote it down.  The commercial spokesperson said, “Health insurance is finally here! Call now to find out what you’re entitled to!”

What you are entitled to.

Entitlement is defined as “the condition of having a right to have, do, or get something.” The statement “I am entitled to health care” means “I have the right to be cared for medically.” As I have said before, I do not believe health care is a basic human right. For a better explanation of this, read this article.

People in our society believe that the world owes them things. They believe that the government is supposed to take care of them and solve all their problems. But that’s just wrong.

Nobody owes you anything. You don’t deserve your own car, your own job, the best health care, the finest food, the best entertainment, etc. The word “deserve” means “to do something or have or show qualities worthy of reward or punishment.”

In a recent viral video, we saw a man in a large black truck driving erratically and being a jerk, and then he loses control of his truck and crashes. He deserved to crash, based on his behavior. When we watch a performance of music or drama that is exemplary, we applaud and show our appreciation, because the performer is worthy of the recognition.

Nobody deserves health care. They have to show themselves worthy to receive it.

That is not to say that I as a health care professional would ever refuse service to someone because they had no insurance: I would not. But I also state that the word “professional” means that I should generally be paid for my services.

And even if we state that health care is a basic human right, does this mean that it should be free? To answer that question, let me ask another. Would you not agree that overall food is more important than health care? What’s the percentage of people who have cancer? Heart trouble? Now what’s the percentage of people who need to eat? Yes, it’s 100%. And yet food is not free. So should healthcare be free? No.

So you aren’t entitled to health care. You have to work for it.

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Open Letter to Mozilla

No More.

No More.

I have used Firefox for many years. I think I first downloaded it around 2006. It has been a great alternative to the train-wreck that is Internet Explorer.

However, as a Bible-believing Christian, I have been watching the events in your company with concern. Last week, right after you forced Mr. Eich to resign, you said, “We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.”

What you fail to note is that whenever there’s a controversy, there are at least two sides to it. By taking the actions you took, you have shown exactly where you stand on this issue. You have told me (and the millions of other Americans who believe as I do that marriage is between a man and a woman only) that my beliefs don’t matter.

What’s more, you told the world that you believe it’s wrong NOT to make sure that people toe the party line insofar as their personal beliefs go. By attempting to show that your company doesn’t discriminate, YOU JUST DID. You showed that you are perfectly willing to discriminate on the basis of personal beliefs.  What makes this so ironic is that in the same press release, you said that you support equality for all.   You forgot to add “…except for those who disagree with us.”

Do you recognize how absurd that is?  It’s like saying “We are tolerant of all people who agree with us.”  That’s not tolerance at all!

What did Mr Eich do that was so terrible? He legally donated money to a movement attempting to defend the institution of marriage. What’s more, he did it SIX years ago. And now, as a result, he is seen as unqualified to run your technology company. Let’s think about that. The inventor of Javascript is unqualified to run your company. That’s a tough sell.

What SHOULD you have done? You should have realized that this is a divisive issue, with good people on both sides. You should have realized that by taking a stand on gay marriage, you were going to alienate a large percentage of your customer base. You should NOT have used a person’s private beliefs as a litmus test for employability.

You have the right to take a stand for homosexuality and against Christians. You have the right, just as much as Chick-fil-A has the right to stand with Christians against homosexuality. But just as they received criticism and lost support from the homosexual lobby, so you must expect to lose support from Christians.

As a result, I am deleting your browser. I will no longer recommend that others use Firefox, because now Firefox stands for oppression. Firefox stands for groupthink. Firefox stands against God.

That is not a position I am willing to take.

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The Gaystapo Strikes Again

Gay ApprovalLet’s say you are an entrepreneur. Let’s say you invent something that improves the world, and makes people’s lives better. Let’s say that you then help found a company. Let’s say that eventually you become the CEO of that company. And now let’s say that 11 days later you are pressured to resign because six years ago you donated money to a political cause that over half the people in your state supported. How do you feel?

All that happened to Brendan Eich. He invented the Java programming language. He co-founded Mozilla in 1998 and worked there for over 15 years before becoming the CEO 12 days ago on March 24th. Yesterday he was pressured to resign because it was revealed that in 2008 he donated $1000 to the Proposition 8 campaign in California, which was a statewide referendum (that PASSED) defining marriage as between a man and a woman only.

Why did he resign? Because he didn’t toe the party line with the liberals and the gaystapo. Because he took a stand on a nationally divisive issue. He didn’t even make a statement in 2008, he just gave them some money, and for someone who makes as much money as he probably does, $1000 is pocket change. But he wrote the check. And that’s unacceptable.

I understand that people who practice homosexuality feel that they’ve been discriminated against for decades (I’m not saying centuries, because none of them have been alive that long). I understand that gay people have been murdered because they were gay. I understand that they have suffered because of their “gayness” (if that’s a word).

However, I don’t believe they deserve special status. This would be like me deserving special status because I prefer Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. Whether my preference is genetic or my own choice doesn’t matter, I use MW. Does this give me the right to castigate those who use mayonnaise? Am I now able to get people fired from their jobs who don’t support Miracle Whip?

Now I know that’s silly, but it’s just an analogy. As I’ve said before, at first, gay people just wanted to be left alone. Then they wanted acceptance. Then they wanted approval. And now they want endorsement. Pretty soon, if you don’t actually “come out” and say that YOU are gay, you will be looked down on.

Let me say it simply: persecuting people because they believe homosexuality is wrong is just as bad as persecuting gay people because they believe homosexuality is right.

by Chuck Asay

by Chuck Asay

Brendan Eich lost his job because he agreed with a majority of the citizens of the state of California, but disagreed with a small, goose-stepping, brown-shirted minority.

Tell me again how gay people “just want to be left alone.”

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Rules for Patriots Contest

I was surfing the net (does anybody say that anymore? I guess I just did, so nevermind) on March 19th, and saw that one of my Facebook friends, Steve Deace (the nationally syndicated conservative talk show host and Washington Post columnist) was holding a contest. He said that Hillary Clinton was writing a new book, and she said she hadn’t thought of a title yet. The contest was this: come up with a good title for Hillary’s new book, tweet it to Steve’s show, and the best title would win a free copy of Steve’s new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.”

I started tweeting book titles. Some were funny, some were silly, and some were biting. Over the course of the next few hours, I submitted 52 book titles. My favorites were:
• How to Hit Reset to the 1970′s
• Charlie and the Great Glass Ceiling.
• How to Kill a US Ambassador in 3 Easy Steps
• I Know Why The Caged Bird Wants Socialism
• It Takes a Woman
• The Four People You Meet in Benghazi
• The Girl Who Played With the Economy
• President Carter the Third
• All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Benghazi.

My favorite title not written by me was “Are You There, Hillary? It’s Me, Chris.”

Evidently Steve Deace liked two of my titles enough to award the contest (and the free book) to me! Here were the two deciding titles that he liked the most:
• The Communist Manifesto: The New American Standard Version
• Where the Red Star Grows

He mentioned me by name on his radio show as the winner, and he. Pronounced. My. Name. Correctly. Wow!

Fast-forward to yesterday, April 2nd. A package came in the mail for me.

Said Package

Inside the package: a copy of his book.

Said Book

Said Book

Inside the book, a dedication to me signed by Steve. Sweet.

Said dedication.  Did I mention he's a brother in Christ?

Said dedication. Did I mention he’s a brother in Christ?

Thanks, Steve! Now I just need to carve out some free time to read it.

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