Facebook Jail Redux

Thursday night I watched a comedy video made by a group of guys from New Zealand. In the video (found here), a man incorrectly assumes that a customer in a store is actually an employee because he’s wearing the same color shirt. The man gets upset when the other customer does not help him. But then the manager of the store pops up and comically starts yelling at the “employee” (who is only a customer) for not helping the first guy. And when the “employee” tries to leave the store to escape the bizarre situation, the manager blocks his path and yells at him for trying to leave work early.

This is where I made the “mistake” of commenting on this fake scenario that they could have had the “employee” punch the manager in order to escape the store. A few seconds later I was informed by Facebook that my comment “Did not meet our community standards” and that I would not be able to comment or post for 24 hours. I checked, and I couldn’t even react to posts (by clicking ‘like’ or other options).

This is the third time they have restricted me, and it’s the most asinine reason they have ever given for restricting my account. But at the end of the day, it’s Mark Zuckerberg’s website for which I pay zero dollars per year, and if he wants to kick me off because he doesn’t like my politics or my sense of humor, that’s his right. My only regret if I lose my FB account is that I would miss seeing what is going on in the lives of my friends and family. Because that’s why I have a FB account.

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Woe to Those

This one is probably going to get me some hate mail, but it’s the truth, so I’m going to say it.

God created this world. He designed it to run a certain way, and with certain rules. And ever since Satan fell, both he and fallen man have looked for ways to change God’s rules at every possible opportunity.

That is how the same people can scream at you for being “anti-science” for doubting the claim that man is causing catastrophic climate changes, while at the same time rejecting basic biological facts which people have known for thousands of years (men are men, women are women, and unborn babies are alive).

The whole idea of transgenderism is, in a word, nonsense. A man is a man, as God created him to be a man, and he can be no other. Period. He can be a man, or he can be a man pretending to be a woman. But he’s still a man. Biologically there are a hundred different things in a man’s body that tell scientists that he is a man from his skeletal structure, to the structure of his brain, the amount of brown fat he has, all the way down to the chromosomes in almost every cell of his body.

There is a man on Jeopardy! right now that is wearing a dress, calling himself “Amy,” and insisting that people refer to him with the pronouns she/her. And it’s not just that he has created this fictional world for himself. Somehow these people have co-opted the media, major corporations, the government, and many people in this country to believe that if you refer to a man as a man, you are not only wrong, but you are being hateful. “Transphobic” is the word they use. This word, much like “homophobic” makes no sense linguistically, because it means “afraid of trans people,” which leaves no room for people like myself who are not afraid of any human, just in disagreement with the choices that they have made.

The word we should be using is “sin-cursed.” These people have been confused by the sin-cursed earth we live in, and their sin-cursed brains are telling them that up is down, black is white, and wrong is right. The Bible has something to say about this. Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”. The word “woe” is used in the Bible to refer to those who stand in judgment by Almighty God. Isaiah used the word “woe” when he said in 6:5 “woe is me for I am ruined!” and he goes on to describe his sinfulness and the sinfulness of his people. In the New Testament the Lord Jesus Christ uses the word “woe” frequently to refer to the self-righteous Pharisees who rejected him, and therefore ended up going to hell for their sinfulness. He also used this word to refer to Judas Iscariot who the bible calls the “son of perdition” which means he was permanently lost, spiritually. And finally in the book of Revelation the word woe is used to refer to the final three trumpet judgments upon the world, which ends with most of the people on earth being destroyed.

Woe. Woe to those who call evil good. Woe to those who look at God’s standards and reject them, who say that what is morally wrong is right, and condemn those who stand up for the truth of God’s word.

Every time I see the world praise a homosexual or transgender person for being “brave” or for “coming out” I am reminded that God’s standards aren’t movable. He created the world and therefore He gets to say how we should live and act. To reject His standards is to invite woe on your life on this world, and in the next. I pray for those who reject the Lord, that their eyes will be opened and that they repent before it’s too late.

That they, like the people of Nineveh, would have said about them, “When God saw their deeds, that they turned from their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared He would bring upon them. And He did not do it.

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Self Defense Is Not a Crime!

Anybody who followed the Kyle Rittenhouse events of last summer knows that he was attacked by three people (one of whom was a child molester, one had a gun, the other hit him with a skateboard). He defended himself with his gun, and even stayed to make sure the people he shot got medical attention after they stopped attacking him. And yet the left is vilifying him and saying he’s a murderer.

I am posting this here because last time I posted something defending his entirely legal actions the powers that be at the big blue F decided that I broke their “community standards” and threw me in jail. So this time I’m posting it on my blog and then I’m going to link to the blog page on my Blue F page, and we’ll see what happens. If they kick me off my account or whatever, then I guess I’ll find out what life is like without them. At least then everybody will know I’m off so if they want to contact me they have to use another means. So here goes.

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NBC Olympic Fail

I love watching the Olympics.  Every two years I get to watch athletes from around the world compete against each other to represent their countries and bring home medals and glory. 

But every two years NBC does their best to ruin the experience.  So far this year’s coverage (granted, we’re only 24 hours in, but…) is spread out over a confusing melange of channels and streaming services, and when are finally able to find coverage it’s 25% commentary, 25% event coverage, 25% commercials, and 25% highlights of events, which often spoil the conclusion of events that they are broadcasting on other channels. 

I recognize that NBC has a hard job in trying to show all these different sporting events, but they aren’t succeeding.   I would like to see them have one channel, showing the highlights (for people who don’t have time to watch), two channels showing complete coverage of the most popular sports (like track&field, football, gymnastics), and then have five or six channels where they just broadcast everything.  Not everything will be live, but they can show everything.

Or they could simply have categories in their Peacock app for each sport where you can watch every match live. They have something like this, but if I want to watch the event, I have to wait a day or two until everybody already knows the conclusion. That kind of ruins it.   Also they are only showing 11 out of the 33-ish sports. Want to watch 3×3 basketball? Too bad. It’s not there.

But instead we end up watching “Olympics SportsCenter” with tons of commercial breaks.  Hey NBC: some of us want to watch the actual Olympics. Do better, NBC.

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