>Equal Pay Day

>Evidently April 24th was Equal Pay Day.

http://www.pay-equity.org/day.html says,

“Each year, the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) organizes the national observance of Equal Pay Day to raise awareness about unfair pay for women and people of color in America. Equal Pay Day is observed in April to indicate how far into each year a woman must work to earn as much as a man earned in the previous year. Tuesday symbolizes the day when women’s wages catch up to men’s wages from the previous week. Because women on average earn less, they must work longer for the same pay. For women of color, the wage gap is greater, as shown in our fact sheet”

I would like to know exactly what jobs they are talking about. I can’t think of a single job that I have held where the women were paid less than the men in the same position. I am a nurse at a hospital. I make the same as the nurses around me. I have worked in the financial world (at a bank AND at a credit card company), retail (for two different retailers), foodservice (for several restaurants), shipping (for two shipping companies), and I have held jobs in different levels at several different healthcare facilities.

You aren’t supposed to talk about how much money you make, but almost everybody does. I have never heard a person complain that they weren’t getting paid as much because of their gender or race. The main complaint that I have heard again and again is that people are not being paid for their loyalty/experience. As in, “I have worked here for X years, and they are paying the new people the same amount that I am making, after X years of working here!”

Show me real statistics. Show me a specific job where men make more money than women, not these “median” figures. You could probably even out this whole deal by NOT counting the coaches and athletes in the NFL alone. Of course the MEDIAN is different, because a woman working as an actuary (assumedly the highest paying profession) will NEVER make as much money as, say, Peyton Manning (with his $100 million contract).


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I have been many things, but right now I am a registered nurse attempting to pay off my debt so that, God willing, I can be a pastor again someday. I have a wife and three kids. I am a conservative Christian (of the Baptist variety). This blog is about me: the things that happen to me, the things that interest me, and the things that bother me. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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