Patriots 16-0 *

*caught cheating

Yes, that’s right, the Patriots are undefeated in the regular season, the first time a team has done this since 1972. Which is more important: that record, or their three Super Bowl rings? I think the rings are more important. That is why the Colts are going to be striving to win the Super Bowl, not chase the “undefeated” label. The Colts had the chance to go undefeated in 2005, and it didn’t happen. I am happy for the Patriots fans, but I still hope that the Jags or the Colts beat them in the playoffs. If the Jags don’t do it, it will be up to the Colts.

Another interesting point: Given the makeup of the postseason schedule this year, it is highly likely that the Colts will end up playing the only two teams that beat them in the regular season (I’m obviously not counting the Titans game, since the Colt’s starters played less than half the game).

Assuming the Jags beat the Steelers and the Chargers beat the Titans, the Colts will play the Chargers in the Divisional round, and then the Patriots in the championship game. Should be interesting.


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