>What now?

>So I’ve decided to give up Colts games for Lent. Ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously, watching and following the Colts (and my fantasy team) took up a major portion of my “leisure activities” for the months of September-January. I got used to checking nfl.com, espn.com, and all of the Colts and Chiefs blogs this fall/winter, that now I don’t really know what I will do to fill that void. I did a jigsaw puzzle the other day. I haven’t done a puzzle in a long time. I guess I will now have time to

Last Wednesday night a friend of mine at church challenged me to go the entire month of February drinking nothing but water. I accepted the challenge, and we are both now drinking only water. All food is fair game, but I am watching what I eat as well (mostly just cutting down on portion sizes and sweets). Should be interesting. I started eating less and exercising more in mid-January, and I lost 12 pounds by February 1st. Now I have lost another pound as of yesterday when I awoke. 13 down, 62 to go!

Today is Super Tuesday. I guess we will get to see if the nation’s conservatives have been hoodwinked by McCain and Romney or not. As a Republican, I have always voted for the most conservative person on the ticket. That has always been the Republican candidate. However, this year we have: Billary (liberal), Osama (liberal), McCain (liberal), Romney (liberal), and Huckabee (conservative). I have pretty much decided that I am going to vote for Huckabee for President. If Huckabee drops out, I will be voting for a write-in candidate (who will obviously not win) but I will not be held responsible for choosing a liberal President.


About Steve Picray

I have been many things, but right now I am a registered nurse attempting to pay off my debt so that, God willing, I can be a pastor again someday. I have a wife and three kids. I am a conservative Christian (of the Baptist variety). This blog is about me: the things that happen to me, the things that interest me, and the things that bother me. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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  1. Bunniehop says:

    >Jim’s cousin and I have been getting up every morning and heading to Snap fitness. I’ve also been sticking to water and cutting back on junk food. For Lent, I’m giving up fast food. Like you, without football the boys and I have been working on jigsaw puzzles LOL!! We’re working on this one that we don’t have any idea what it will be when it’s done. It’s a murder mystery 🙂 It’s in on the table, and whenever someone walks by, it’s like a magnet that they can’t resist working on it a bit. Everyone helps a bit 🙂

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