No Sale for You!

The sale is off.  The woman who wanted to buy our house signed an agreement two weeks ago to close on July 31st, which included her paying the earnest money and paying for the appraisal.  After she signed that paper, she left on a trip to darkest Africa.  At least that’s what we assume she did, because nobody has heard from her since then, including her realtor. Our realtor said that we should give her this week, and if she wasn’t able to come up with the earnest money, we should just sign a mutual release form, releasing her from her contractual obligation to buy our house, so long as she pays us the $750 she owes us (the earnest money).  I don’t know if we’ll ever see that, but it would be nice.

So we are taking the house off the market for now.  The plan now is to save up some money in the next six to eight months, replace the carpet, get the major problems (shower, fireplace, garage door) fixed, and then re-list the house in March (or thereabouts).  The hope is that the housing market will have improved and that we can sell our house for more than the current price, given all the repairs and new carpet.

For those of you who were checking your schedule to see what day you were going to help us move, your schedule is now clear.  I hope to now use the next two weeks concentrating on my BSN degree, finishing it on July 24th. Then it’s state fair time, family camp time, visiting family and friends time, and the start of school (for the kids and hopefully for my NP degree as well).

Stay tuned, sports fans!


About Steve Picray

I have been many things, but right now I am a registered nurse attempting to pay off my debt so that, God willing, I can be a pastor again someday. I have a wife and three kids. I am a conservative Christian (of the Baptist variety). This blog is about me: the things that happen to me, the things that interest me, and the things that bother me. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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