One of my family members recently mentioned the term “doomsday preppers” and it got me thinking.

I know what a “prepper” is.  It’s someone who keeps 50 gallon drums of potable water, a year’s supply of canned goods, etc, etc, just in case our society collapses.  I know she was referring to that type of doomsday.

But traditionally, there is another definition of doomsday, and that is the last day of the earth, when the earth is destroyed.  The only people that will be prepared for that doomsday are born-again Christians (a redundant term, but one I find is necessary).   You see, when God destroys the earth and judges all of mankind throughout history, the only people prepared for this are the people who have trusted in Christ as Savior (including me).  Everybody else is sent to the lake of fire.

So, in that sense,  I guess I’m a doomsday prepper.  😉


About Steve Picray

I have been many things, but right now I am a registered nurse attempting to pay off my debt so that, God willing, I can be a pastor again someday. I have a wife and three kids. I am a conservative Christian (of the Baptist variety). This blog is about me: the things that happen to me, the things that interest me, and the things that bother me. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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