Twilight Zone

Twilight ZoneI’ve been enjoying watching The Twilight Zone on Netflix.  I just made it through the first season, and something struck me as odd.

Now, I’m a happy ending kind of guy.  But what struck me as odd was that, at the beginning of the season, almost all the episodes had what I would call a “bad ending”.  I don’t mean that it was written poorly or that it was not entertaining. I mean that the main character ended up worse off than when he started (usually dead).  I actually made a chart showing which endings were “good endings” and which ones were “bad endings.”  And in the first 26 episodes, there are only three “good endings.” That’s a ratio of one good ending for every 7.6 bad endings.  Or if you’re a percentages person, in the first 26 episodes there were only good endings 11.5% of the time.

However, after episode 26 I noticed a shift.  The episodes started to have a larger percentage of good endings.  If we look at the final ten episodes of the season (episodes 27-36), there are only two “bad endings.”  That is a radical shift in outcomes which means that the percentage of good endings went from 11.5% all the way up to 80%.  And one of those two bad endings is that a man ended up married to the woman with whom he was infatuated. So that one was questionable, but I listed it as “bad” because he didn’t seem pleased about it.

I wonder if they got feedback and decided to change.  I’ll have to see how many ‘good endings’ there are in the following seasons.

Spoilers:  If you haven’t seen these episodes or plan to do so at some point, then this is your fair warning that what follows is a summary of the outcome for the main character in each episode.  In other words, don’t read it.

Last warning.  The list is under this paragraph.

Here’s the chart showing each episode and the ending for the main character:

1. Test pilot: goes crazy.
2. Salesman: Dies. He does get to save a girl’s life, but she was only in danger because of his unwillingness to die.  In the end, he died.
3. Western Drunk: GOOD ENDING (gives up drinking and doesn’t have to defend “fastest gun” title due to injury).
4. Actress: dead/disappeared (This COULD be seen as a good ending, but basically she has disappeared into her own delusion, which is never good).
5. Man visits his childhood town: GOOD ENDING (He got a better appreciation for life)
6. Hypochondriac: Dies after being tricked by Satan.
7. Asteroid convict: abandons the love of his life in exchange for freedom.
8. Reader: alone with no glasses to read all the books he wants to read
9. Dreamer: dies
10. Sub commander: dead and being psychologically tortured.
11. Astronauts: removed from existence.
12. Needy barfly: dead (struck by car)
13. Face changer: dies (got mistaken for someone else)
14. Family flees certain nuclear war: GOOD ENDING (although this one was questionable because they were headed to another planet with nuclear capability and the real danger of nuclear war).
15. Astronauts: dead/disgraced.  They thought they were marooned, so one killed the other two to increase his odds of living on the asteroid, only to discover the asteroid was the Nevada desert.
16. Woman driver: dead (before the episode even started..she was dead the whole time)
17. Gambler: dead
18. WWI pilot: dead (sacrificed himself when he found his courage)
19. Army Lt: dead
20. Astronauts: dead
21. Bus station: crazy and hauled off by the cops, her life taken over by her doppelganger.
22. Neighborhood: death for several
23. Actor: same ending as episode 4 (actor disappears into his own delusion).
24. 2ooo year old man: dies.
25. Astronaut to mars: in captivity in a “zoo”.
26. 1880’s murderer: dead, and two other guys dead too.
27. Boxer: GOOD ENDING (even though he lost the match, he still has what’s important).
28. Criminal: dead and suffering in a hell where he is given everything he wants.
29. Mother killed: GOOD ENDING (main character visited by herself as a child, the age she was when her mother was killed, to prepare her to meet the man who killed her mother, which man she then manages to kill).
30. Willoughby: dead/GOOD ENDING (this seemed like a really good ending, but it was revealed at the end that he was actually dead, so I’m listing it as both).
31. Love potion: unhappy (not dead at least, but living with “overly attached girlfriend” for the rest of his life).
32. Trumpeter: GOOD ENDING (got his trumpet back, got a chance with a cute girl, got to meet the angel Gabriel).
33. Bevis: GOOD ENDING (he discovered that not only does he have a guardian angel who can make his life better in small ways, but that he is happy with who he is).
34. Mannequin: GOOD ENDING (girl realizes where she belongs, everything is as it should be).
35. Baseball: GOOD ENDING (robot pitcher finds purpose in life, baseball manager builds a team that wins several championships).
36. Playwright: GOOD ENDING (he gets rid of his created “perfect” wife and creates a “less than perfect” wife to replace her).


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