AD Episode 2

I’m not going to bore you with how bad this series is getting. I’m just going to give you the high points. Here are the things wrong with this episode, from a biblical standpoint:

  • John never entered the tomb, by his own admission (John 20:5)
  • Jesus appears to Thomas eight days later, not eight minutes (or the same day) as the episode indicates.
  • Pilate has the tomb soldiers beaten up slightly. The Bible records they received no punishment, although if they had been punished, it would have been death. Pilate then kills the soldiers later in the episode, which is not biblical.
  • The entire scene where the disciples are chased by Roman soldiers is contrived. No hint of this is in the Bible.
  • Molotov cocktails? Really? It’s like they’re just making stuff up now.
  • One of the disciples stated in the boat that they should throw back the few fish they had caught, but the Bible says they had caught nothing (John 21:3).
  • They messed up the “feed my sheep” lines by having Jesus’ third response be “Follow me” instead of the biblical “Feed my sheep”

At least with the end of this episode we’ve moved out of the gospels and into the book of Acts, so it should be fairly easy to track their twisty progress.


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