Term Limits

In 1947 the United States Congress passed the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution which limits the US President to being elected to two 4 year terms. I agree with this move.

Unfortunately they didn’t go far enough. They should have instituted term limits for legislators as well. There are too many people in Washington who are only there because being a politician today is good business. You get rich being a politician. There is money, respect, and power. And so it draws the wrong sort of people.

I propose that Senators be elected to no more than two terms, and members of the House of Representatives be elected to no more than four terms. That way Senators would serve no more than 12 years and Representatives no more than 8 years.

And so I wondered, if this had been made the law 20 years ago, what would our current Congress look like?

35 Senators would not be in office including Grassley, Murkowski, Feinstein, McConnell, Collins, Klobuchar, Schumer, Graham, Alexander, and Sanders (to name a few of the most popular).

186 Representatives would not be in office including Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Steve King, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Hank Johnson (of capsizing Guam fame). That’s 41% of the current Congress.

The Senators not in office would be 17 Republicans, 17 Democrats, and one Independent (you know, THAT guy).

The Representatives not in office would be 53 Republicans and 133 Democrats.

Let’s make this happen, people!


About Steve Picray

I am a conservative Baptist Pastor in the midwestern United States. Every day I commit my life to Jesus Christ. This blog is my view on life. My prayer is that, by reading what I write, you will learn more about me, more about God, and be assisted in becoming the person God means for you to be. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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