Why, Kraft? Why?

I don’t understand why companies operate the way they do today.  When I was in school we learned about supply and demand.  If the seller has 10 units of product at $1 each, and 20 people want the product, he increases the price, while at the same time (if possible) increasing production so that everybody gets what they need even if they have to pay more.  I have never heard of the business model where the seller has 10 units of product, and 100 people want the product, so the seller says, “You know what?  I’m going to lower production.”

The best drink on earth.

My favorite thing to drink is something I discovered several years ago.  It’s called Peach Mango Green Tea, and it’s made by Crystal Light, a subsidiary of Kraft Foods.  In the past I have usually bought the “pitcher packs” where each container comes with five envelopes, each with enough drink mix to make 2 quarts of tea.  So one pitcher pack can make 2.5 gallons of tea.  Anytime I went to the store, there was my tea, and I would buy one or two.  It was never out of stock. 

And then the pandemic happened.  All of a sudden the Crystal Light shelf at ALL of my area grocery stores resembled the toilet paper aisles from those early days.  You all remember what that looked like.  It was like the bread aisle or the milk case right before a big blizzard:  empty and barren.   I don’t know why Kraft couldn’t keep this particular item stocked, but I just figured it was related to the pandemic.  I thought, “When things calm down, and people go back to work this will be fixed.” 

Well here we are.  It’s a year now, people are back to work, and the Crystal Light shelves are still bare.  The stores have plenty of the little version that has envelopes to put in 20 oz bottles, but for some reason they can’t figure out that people want the big ones.   I bought a flat of 12 back in November for $30 from Amazon, which was the same price as in my local store, but now that same flat is going for $80. 

I was just emailed by Wal Mart who said, “Great news! The product you’re interested in is now back in stock!”  So I logged into Wal Mart’s website and there was only one “two pack” left (enough to make 5 gallons) and I tried to buy it.  But by the time I got to the end of the purchase, it said, “Sorry this item is no longer available.”  I don’t want a PS5, I just want my tea!   Get it together, Kraft! Start cranking out the tea!!! I don’t know how much money you are losing by refusing to increase production, but it has to be substantial.


About Steve Picray

I am a conservative Baptist Pastor in the midwestern United States. Every day I commit my life to Jesus Christ. This blog is my view on life. My prayer is that, by reading what I write, you will learn more about me, more about God, and be assisted in becoming the person God means for you to be. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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