Big Brother Lunch

The contents of this bag are evil.

There is an attitude that I keep hearing in the media today: the government knows what is best for your kids and you don’t.  There are too many government officials, teachers, and administrators that think THEY are the ones who are ultimately responsible for your child’s welfare.

Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.  Ok, now, write this down, in big, block letters:  THE GOVERNMENT THINKS YOU ARE AN IDIOT.     Seriously, they think you are too dumb to know what your kid should be learning.  They think you are too dumb to pack a healthy lunch for your kid. The mother in this news story packed what most people would consider a healthy lunch:  a turkey sandwich, a banana, juice, and potato chips.  Is this a healthy lunch? That is a matter for debate.  I think the turkey and the banana are good, whereas the juice and chips are just empty carbs. But that’s not the issue here. The issue is this: who is responsible for this child’s lunch?

When you have a child, you become a parent.  As a parent, you are responsible to God for that child.  Now if you are abusing that child then the government (or concerned citizens, etc) needs to step in to prevent the abuse, but that’s not what we are talking about here.  If the parent is not providing ANY lunch for their kid, that’s an issue, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

When I was a kid, I used to babysit my younger siblings. It got to where I felt like I had a say in their upbringing, and I had to be corrected by my parents. They told me, “WE are their parents, NOT you. You have no intrinsic rights regarding these kids.  When you watch them for us, we are delegating OUR responsibility to you.”    That is exactly what happens with our schools today: the parent sends the kid to school and delegates their responsibility to the school teachers, etc.  If the school wants to do anything with or to the children (outside the bounds of “teach them math, etc), then they should have to obtain permission from the parents.

When I was in school, we had to get permission slips signed for field trips, special speakers in assembly, the “birds and bees” instruction/class., etc. But it seems that more and more, schools are starting to think like I did when I was a kid.  They have had so much responsibility delegated to them that they have begun to think they have just as much say in the child’s upbringing as the parents do. Newsflash:  they don’t!

But too many parents just go along with this idea, and they meekly allow the school to take over the job of parenting their children.  There are lots of examples from history when parents have given up their responsibility to the government, and I can’t think of any good examples:  they all ended badly. So parents, take back your kids, and don’t let the government take over your family!


About Steve Picray

I am a conservative Baptist Pastor in the midwestern United States. Every day I commit my life to Jesus Christ. This blog is my view on life. My prayer is that, by reading what I write, you will learn more about me, more about God, and be assisted in becoming the person God means for you to be. If you have a question, just e-mail me at spicray AT gmail DOT com. God Bless!
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