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My Uncle David

My parents divorced when I was four or five years old, and for several years I lived with my mom in a single parent house. This post is not about that. At various times my mom’s two younger brothers lived … Continue reading

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Election and the Flood

The doctrine of election is a sticking point among evangelical Christians in theological circles.  The doctrine of election as it applies to salvation, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, can be defined as the act of God … Continue reading

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A Modern Parable

James was moving.  This was his first thought.  Being human, he immediately began to wonder where he was, and where he was going. He sat up, opened his eyes, and looked around.  He was in a metal box with no … Continue reading

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I Trust God

To my faithful readers, you know that I have been waiting 46 days now for my tax refund.  To date, it has not come.  What you may not know is why I am praying fervently that it comes soon.  The … Continue reading

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